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Breaking: PCes uphold promise for transparent Government

Baird accuses budget watchdog of overstepping bounds

Their hypocrisy reached new levels of disrespect for the Canadian citizenry, making zero attempt to even bother disguising their contempt for the people that voted for them on a platform of increased transparency and government accountability.  Their belief that they are the rightful heirs to totalitarianism is revealed in unembarrassed honesty, and their transparent lying about their commitment to transparency paradoxically fulfills their promise to be transparent, and who the fuck said anything about accountability, that’s a different ball game that has nothing to do with transparency. They insist that they are being completely objective, and report that their word that they are behaving responsibly passes their rigorous standards of ethical conduct, and they are being accountable to themselves more than ever.

Criticism sends ‘strong message’

The government has criticized Page in the past, including for his estimated cost of the F-35 fighter jets. A report by Auditor General Michael Ferguson last April supported Page’s estimates rather than the government’s. Earlier this year, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty criticized Page for his assessment of Old Age Security being sustainable following changes to health-care funding.

Speaking after question period, Mulcair said Baird’s criticism looked pre-planned.

“He had his document in front of him, he was reading. This is something sent in by the Prime Minister’s Office, so it’s a warning that Kevin Page has made the ultimate mistake. He doesn’t tell the Conservatives what they want to hear. And he actually wants to be able to say the truth to the Canadian population,” Mulcair said.

“Right now the Conservatives are sending another strong message. You’re not allowed to disagree with them and, by the way, even if you have a mandate under the law to give information to parliamentarians and to the Canadian public, you can be starved of that information, even if it’s a clear infraction of the law.”

See? They aren’t trying to hide that fact whatsoever.

>Credible sources and bullshit.

>What Harper Gov’t Accomplished in 16 Months!
FYI: “You’ve got to be kidding. You link to the Conservative’s web site to ‘validate’ these accomplishments?
I suppose one could link to the Liberal’s website and come up with the same amount of stellar accomplishments.
(Joanne (TB) Says:

Good job, Sandy! And what did the Paul Martin Liberals accomplish? Mmmm… –
LMAO! mikmik)

Give your a head a shake, please. I assure you, the list of promises broken is long in itself. Like I like to say, even Ted Bundy did a lot of nice things in his life.
For sure, at the rate provincial PC parties are falling, as well as Harpers approval rating, you better get another source for this ‘good news’ because it is painfully apparent know one trust these clowns anymore. Okay, not no one, only a shrinking minority.”

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