Tushcloots is very proud of his Scottish lineage, even though he has never bothered to go with his mommy ‘cross the pond and visit any of ’em. His Scottish ancestry is so ridiculously diluted that he is no true Scotsman, yet he is truly part Scotsman on the order of one of his parents being  ½ with him having that split between four siblings giving a final ratio of  1/16th. I think. He claims distant relationship with the precursors to R.D. Laing, but zero relationship to common sense and proper word meanings.

Oh, you’re wondering ‘About’ the blog? Sorry, my mistake.

It’s a collection of things Tushcloots finds important, from great free softwares, to self centered rants on various other blogs. Political, scientific, and other various subjects are represented, which serves as sort of a timeline to T’s emotional trajectory.

Mostly, this is not a serious attempt to produce a proper blog, and will be replaced with one on the upcoming  unveiling on another domain, one which will be considerably less wishy-washy, it is hoped.

This database may well be imported and integrated into the new website blog, which will be a WordPress CMS as well.

Untrustworthy mug, innit?

Hey, you’re scaring the children!


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