I’m not the first to determine that we don’t exist: it’s all illusion, paradoxically speaking.

I pointed out a long time ago that if Steve insists that the sense of free-will is illusory, then our mind is an illusion.

There’s no “real” pain – pain is “merely” an illusion. Steve=
This is your assertion. Just what would you call “real” pain?

Real pain is something that exists outside of our perception, and people with leprosy would still feel it.

I`ve kept asking you, Steve, why do we have minds if what we think is just illusory. What would be the point.

Steve=Well it is not up to me to say: as long as people assert that humans have freedom of will, it will need to be said that we don’t.

Well, it is not up to me to say: as long as people assert that humans don`t have freedom of will, it will need to be said that we do.
– – –
See, that`s what it comes down to, Steve, it is a matter of opinion, and repeatedly telling us free-willists that we are wrong and that we, in fact, don`t have free will, means nothing. It is your opinion only. It is what you think, and what you think is an illusion, just like thinking we have free will is.
Thus: What Steve thinks is a fact is an illusion, and therefore, false.

Pain is a process of our consciousness, seeing a dog is a process of our conscious awareness, making decisions is a process of our consciousness, talking to each other is a process of our consciousness, eating is a process of our conscious awareness, everything we do as an individual is a process of our consciousness and incorporates our conscious awareness. They are one and the same.

But Steve would reductio ad absurdum us into atoms and photons bumping into other atoms and electrons. That is it. That is all, that is the complete and total explanation of what we are, because Steve says there is no possibility that evaluations and collections of datas are possible because there is only one event occurring at a time, and one thing does not have any meaning. And if one thing doesn`t have any meaning, then a collection of meaningless things has no meaning.

Am I correct so far, Steve? That is what determinism is, right Steve? That is why we don’t have free will, because particles and wave functions can only do one thing, and one thing has no meaning, it just causes the next one thing, isn’t that right, Steve?
How can one thing choose another thing, right Steve? It can’t, and you know it.

That is determinism. If you slice time intervals small enough, you get to just one thing at a time, and one thing existing for one planck time cannot know what is, or even if there is any other thing existing because they would be seperated spacially, but they cannot interact, they can’t even bump into each other, they cannot even exist because existence is defined by interaction, and if there is no interaction anywhere, nothing exists.
If you add up an infinite amount of non-existence, you still would have nothing that exists.

So really, Steve, time is just an illusion, there is no effing way for a particle to exist in one place without movement, without interaction to define its existance, and then be in another place for no reason, for how could it get there, it can’t move, and doesn’t exist to begin with?

Is there anythinf wrong with my reasoning here, Steve?

I deny that we exist, for we cannot; it is physically impossible.

That’s what you non-free willist determinists sound like to me, Steve.

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