This is getting easy!

I make this stuff up as I go along(this time, A Voice Of Reason), as necessary to explain my rapidly developing belief in a fundamental, scientifically supported morality:

mikelaing says:
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February 25, 2012 at 12:45 am

yup, that guy they call a Jesus freak says:
“1st.) “MAKE a purpose for yourself.” If there is no God and meaning or value(except what each individual values), then if my neighbor down the street wanted to rape every child he sees and bomb every hospital he can (killing infants, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sick and elderly), he would not be morally wrong. He is giving meaning to his own existence by ending others. Since there is no God, there is nothing absolutely (objectively) wrong with rape and murder. You (and others) might say hes interfering with others lives and infringing on their rights (right to live and pursue their own meaning)and life, but that is presupposing that its wrong (absolutely) to infringe on others rights and life. If there is no God, there can be no absolute set of moral standards. So, there is no such thing as moral right and wrong (objectively).”

Sorry, I beg to differ. There is so an objective morality. Killing and bombing and senseless destruction is a violation of two fundamental principles behind survival of the individual: 1. By being part of human society, I necessarily have to contribute to the well being of that society, for I depend upon that society for my own security and prosperity as an organism that seeks to preserve and multiply it’s propagation of DNA. Any threat to that society is necessarily removed to conserve the integrity of its function, and by becoming a threat to others security and agreed upon right to participate in that society and therefore reap the rewards of increased safety and prosperity, I become a threat to my own short term and long term survivability.
The fundamental value, or morality, is that your own existence is valuable, and this is the one overriding principle behind evolution. It is innate.
That is quite enough in itself, but there is more: 2. The fundamental requirement for survival is a non-destructive relationship to the overall ecological environment in order to preserve viability of that environment, and any imbalance in the homeostasis of both the organism and of the ecological system is self correcting by design(innate function), thus a fundamental function and positive value for survivability on two levels of magnitude.
I give you 2 of many definitions for homeostasis that state;

Homeostasis | Define Homeostasis at
noun . 1. the tendency of a system, especially the physiological system of higher animals, to maintain internal stability, owing to the coordinated response of its parts to any situation or stimulus that would tend to disturb its normal condition or function.

Homeostasis: resistance to change … A person threatened by the environment (or informed of an approaching pleasure or danger) prepares for action.

This extraordinary property of the body has intrigued many physiologists. In 1865 Claude Bernard noticed, in his Introduction to Experimental Medicine. that the “constancy of the internal milieu was the essential condition to a free life.”

Actually, I am starting to discover that it is quite easy to posit fundamental and scientific reasons behind morality and development of ethics.

Keep in mind that the above is but a simplified application of fundamental ethics, for I haven’t even touched upon such things as empathy and evolutionary pressure to select for properties of co-operation that enable and facilitate the establishment of complex societies and co-operation between societies(eg tribes) which has become the most relevant selective pressure for survival, and propagation, of life and individual DNA.

Your thoughts, Dan? (LMAO Assuming my comment is deserving of any) ;]


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