More questions about the viability of ‘it’s an illusion’

At mindhacks, a discussion from months ago that I just revisited and started dribbling my opinion, as usual – this one today:

Belief is so verifiable, what are you talking about?
How well our conceptualizations map to objective reality and promote our well being, I wonder if that is a reality check that happens every single time we ‘decide’ to move, or act?

Exactly how simple and accidentally obtainable to bloody think the process of consciousness is, anyways?
You act so aloof about the most complex assembly in the universe, by effing far, and absentmindedly brush away the product of that ‘machine+awareness/thinking/qualia’ as a mere illusion, a virtually mistake of happenstance?

Yeah, it’s an illusion, an illusion that gives us the brute power to eliminate every species in existence with the flick of a switch.

Pretty fucking fortunate illusion, I’d say.


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