Well, I thank Jerry Coyne for acknowledging me!

The blog post is at Why Evolution Is True, called Sunday free will: “pseudo-dualism”
I got there late, and made this reply, so far:

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Jerry, my argument is that: our *cognition and qualia and weighing alternatives and finally making a choice, is not based on complexity, it is based on the reality of all of the above.

My reasoning is:
1.Physical brain -> qualia+all of the above
therefore our qualia+ are an effect.
2. This effect, our minds, are part of the causal sequence, they are real.
3. If they are part of the causal sequence, ie. cause and effect, then they can also be a cause.
4. The result of the mind process(in this example) is a decision.
5. Decision -> action/behavior.

Therefore, the mind is a real, physical cause of behavior.

Our minds can follow our wishes, and our minds use abstract concept to plan futures based on evaluation of the consequences if we take various actions, or think various thoughts, eg. we decide to have a positive, cheerful attitude – say one of optimism.

Our thinking influences our thinking. And, our thinking influences our behaviors.

I only point to complexity because we cannot understand what is going on; our brain functioning is so complex that it is a sufficiently advanced technology that appears as ‘magic’ (See Artheu C. Clark).
It produces a physical effect, qualia etc., that we can not account for.

If this ‘mind’ thing cannot be understood or explained in physical terms, then our understanding of physics is insufficient to explain our minds, and if our understanding of physics is insufficient, then you cannot claim your explanation is sufficient to rule out voluntary, self determined, action.



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Well then it is not completely free.

We have spent two long threads going over this, Steve and Jeff, and Jerry.
I have given you multiple explanations stating what free will means, and you insist on only taking free to mean ‘completely unencumbered by anything and totally unconstrained.’

I am getting choked that you refuse to accept that by free I mean voluntary and volitional, and not that anything ‘goes.’

Furthermore, Jeff(and Jerry), you have said yourself that we make choices and act on them, that we choose the direction our lives take, yet you keep calling your definition ‘determined’, and mine ‘free’, yet they mean the same effin thing. You are disengenuous. Period.


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