Suddenly, everything I huld dear is destroyed

I was, or am(I haven’t thought about this yet), certain in my understanding of a fundamental reality that is well explored, if not well explained, and contains no room for ‘super’ natural phenomena because supernatural means ‘outside nature’ and we can only interact with nature – as this defines nature – that which is understood as part of demonstratable reality. I mean, how can anything interact with nature to produce observable effects if it isn’t part of nature? Anything that causes change – effect – follows the laws of nature* or it couldn’t react with nature in the first place! Then I bloody read this:

At some level, this is essentially the same issue that came up in the recent discussion of probabilityin quantum physics,
namely how do we know that the probabilities we measure through
repeated experiments are the “real” probabilities, and not just some
weird statistical fluctuation (either as an inevitable result of living
in a Many-Worlds type of universe, or because we’re exceptionally
unlucky) that makes it look like our current models of probability are

And in the comments:

The issue with the supernatural is not whether it’s part of the
universe, but whether it is bound by the same laws as all the other
elements of the universe. The bizarre claim about ghosts is that they
somehow obey some laws but not others, for no obvious reasons

We live in a universe were 95% of stuff, be it dark matter or dark
energy, doesn’t obey most of the laws the remaining 5% have to live by.
And he thinks ghosts are bizarre?

Posted by: Mu | June 21, 2011 2:16 PM

And then I am saved:

 Of course, as a question of practical argumentation, this is kind of a
moot point, because most of the people taking the pro-supernatural side
of these arguments aren’t talking about the kind of ambiguous magic Jo
uses. Instead, they have a more direct sort of system in mind, where
specific actions produce specific results on demand– healing through
prayer, communicating with the spirits of the dead, bending spoons with
MIND POWER, whatever. Those sort of situations are implicitly rule-bound
systems, and should give rise to Ponder Stibbons stories.
And there has yet to be a convincing demonstration of any of these
phenomena that doesn’t have a more convincing non-supernatural
explanation to go with it.

Science, Statistics and the Supernatural : Uncertain Principles

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