>I think this is another version of The Courtier’s Reply : Pharyngula

>I think this is another version of The Courtier’s Reply : Pharyngula

I was at another site (youTube) arguing with IDers and I made up an analogy using food last thing before going to the above blog and it was amazing what happened next:

Posted by: mike.laing Author Profile Page | June 2, 2011 1:21 PM

Perfect timing! I was using food to refute a creationist, then came here next… FOOD IS BEING USED IN A DIRECT ANALOGY TO ILLUMINATE AN ILLOGICAL PARADIGM JUST AS I WAS!!! There is no way that could happen by chance. No fucking way! That proves there is a Basketti Monster, praise the Meatball yeah brother!

Before I shit myself, I will explain. Someone used the old ‘micro vs macro evolution’ stunt followed with the Mount Rushmore/’we are more complicated’ gambit.*
So I said, “Exactly! It’s like I’ve been saying about micro eating and macro eating!! (smile, happy) You have a meal, and you take a little bit at a time and then the plate becomes empty. That is micro eating, we see it all the time, it is true.

But is is ridiculous to think that 3 x 365 x 75 = 82125 meals can just disappear into one person and the empty plate becomes new species of empty dishes like bowls, cutlery, cups.

That is what the Dietitionists claim, though! Up to 100,000 lbs. of food coming together in exactly the right order(appetizers, soup, entre’s, then desert) into one person producing empty dishes of all the species of crockery by the process of natural selection of food?!?!

No one has ever seen macro eating, Are they fucking stupid? Can you imagine going to the bathroo[[ That’s it, this joke has been shut down for practicing macro comedy, by order of the Molecular Humorist Society ]]

*Mount Rushmore face carvings are ordered arangments of matter that couldn’t and didn’t come together by chance, so how could all the kazillions of just the right tiny bits come together, just so, to produce something that is vastly more complicated than rock – us.

There is a god! 😉


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