>Dear Americans

>HNY! Let’s talk about anything, as long as it happens in the US!!!!!

I bet that within dayz, it will be another 10 months, giver or take, ’till you vote. Within minutes, someone will change their mind about who they will vote for. How breathtaking, I cannot stand the suspense to see if a poll will show if there has been a new poll about how different opinions lie from dozens of minutes ago, give or take margin of error plus methological irrelevancies, 99 times out of 99 plus or minus and fuck off I am trying to eat breakfast.

I bet within minutes, people die from poverty in the US, but that does not reflect on the viability of any twenty candidate, so who gives a fuck.

If it ain’t what Clinton ate for breakfast, and what the polls think about that, it is irrelevant.

You have the most insipid and vacuous stunned fucks running for your leadership, and you don’t even get mad, you just choose between them!!

There is nothing more stupid than that. Nothing.

Collectively speaking, as a stunned bunch of idiots, that is the U.S.


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One thought on “>Dear Americans

  1. >I guess in reality we are a close second here in Canada.

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