>Keeping tabs

>I am just basically keeping tabs on comments I make to hysterically wingnutted blogs to see if they publish my comments. This may evolve into sort of an experiment, or research, into just how biased, or unbiased, these blogs are esp. when contrasted to some of their claims: 1 – about their own fairness, or 2 – about their claims of unfairness against others (ie, being censored). It would be nice to have some sort of a track record to fall back on.
I already had one ‘no show’ in the comments two days ago at the site I posted about previously( Post-Darwinist), and today I just made this comment after reading about a post at SDA here at Canadian

I gotta wonder what this picture has to do with the data collected and used for climate research. I also wonder wether Norcalblogs knows for sure those are the sensors, what data they are collecting (presumably temp recordings), and how relevant those data sets are to the overall work at NOAA, and finally, just who uses that data? They are only a small part of this consensus , and while it is interesting if any of the data, or groups compiling it, is suspect, we really only have a couple of photographs, labelled with image editing software, from an unknown, possibly unbalanced, ‘claimed’ observer.

Lots of questions, of relevance, and credibility, but don’t let that stop you all from sprinting to your preformed conclusions!


In any event, I am also taking screenshots of my replies, just for the hell of it and for corroberation, if I ever decide to question my integrity (I am assuming you are the only one to ever read this anyways, mikmik, and BTW, hows the typing practice coming along – did you find a good excuse to practice keyboarding yet?).

Ya never now, now I have a legacy, and perhaps the start of a Magnus Opus, or at least a ticket to some free psych medication. Ta-ta ha ha .. ha cough kAFF! .. choke gaaack… help…. gasp, someone get me some water… barf…ack…

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