>Continuing saga of sick fuck propaganda


At Huffington Post:
Al Qaeda Releases 9/11 Anniversary Video: “You Gave Us Every Legitimacy And Every Opportunity To Continue Fighting You”…

Osama bin Laden’s deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri, urged Muslims to intensify their resistance against the U.S. and warned of new terror strikes in a video aired by CNN early Monday on the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. Al-Zawahri said the Persian Gulf and Israel would be al-Qaida’s next targets.

The film was the latest in a flurry of al-Qaida videos released ahead of the anniversary. But unlike the others, it appeared to be new with references to Israel’s bombardment of Lebanon this summer and the capture of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah and Palestinian militants in Gaza.

You are only as good as your last performance.
Perhaps the point was made, successful beyond all wildest fantasy, and further acts inside the U.S. would just be trivial and redundant?

People can only be held hostage by fear so much. Maybe an adequate level has been reached?

I mean, can the reaction by the US: violating constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of its citizens,
violating internationally guaranteed rights of others,
and more importantly, abject humiliation in most of the rest of the worlds eyes at BushCo’s pathetic behaviors and transparent lying.

US neo-con, WHIG, GOP, christian fundamentalists, etc., have been exposed as impotent and laughable.

Once you’ve said “Gotcha, motherfuckers” to some motherfucker you’ve humiliated, well, now what?

Bankrupt your ass by getting you to waste your bank account tossing multi-million dollar buckshot around like confetti?

No, a significantly bigger payoff could not be had, the humiliation and fear more complete, by random attacks.

You trolls so sure that the ‘terrists’ can’t perform when the time comes? (LOL, impotence, perform, comes)

I mean, I’m not in the least convinced this is what’s going on, but there is no reliable way to tell otherwise, is there?


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